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Hydraulic Spike Unrolls Big Bales
It's still experimental, but farmer reaction to a new hydraulic,bale spike from Hillsboro Manufacturing, Hillsboro, Kan., "has been great," according to Bob Bundy, sales representative.
The new spike looks like other bale spike movers, in that it mounts on your three-point hitch and is geared to transport big bales with ease. It's not like other spikes, though, because it has a hydraulic motor, that rotates the shaft and baseplate to unroll big bales on-the-go.
"You can unroll an entire bale in 30 to 40 sec.," says Bundy, noting that the spike-unrolling method has several advantages over unrolling a bale on the ground.
"First, it fluffs up the hay, and you can make several piles rather than spreading it out through the feedlot.
"Secondly, most bales develop a flat side after sitting in the field, and they don't roll well along the ground. Snow doesn't bother our spike either - we drop it right on top of the snow."
The spike has a two-way hydraulic motor and is designed for 70 hp. or larger tractors and fits Cat. II, III, and quick-tack hitches. Uses normal tractor hydraulics.
"Also, the spike is bolted, not welded to the base plate. So, if it should bend, you can slip it out and straighten it," adds Bundy.
Projected retail price is $825, and Hillsboro expects to be in production this summer.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hillsboro Mfg., 220 Industrial Road, Rt. 1, Box B, Hillsboro, Kan. 67063 (ph 316 947-3127).

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