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Portable Fold-Up Fence
Kansas beef and dairy farmer George Wessel used to set up lines of tractors and other machinery to serve as a make-shift fence across an opening between his barn and shed, but he always hated doing it. Now he just unfolds a half dozen hinged gates mounted on an old hay loader axle that he pulls behind his tractor or 3-wheeler ATV.
The portable fold-up fence consists of two 16-ft. long gates permanently mounted lengthwise over the axle and four I4-ft. hinged gates connected to them. The 16-ft. gates are bolted to a 6-ft. high vertical pipe that's welded to the center of the axle. Cable extends from the ends of both 16-ft. gates to an old car jack that Wessel welded onto the top of the vertical pipe. The cable holds the ends of the gate up. Wessel can turn a handle on the jack to tighten the cable and raise the gates.
In transport position the four 14-ft. gates are folded together and chained to the stationary gate.
"I built it because I sometimes need to run cattle back and forth between the buildings, but I can't build a permanent fence there because it would be in the way of a milk truck. I had been using tractors and implements to form a temporary fence, but it took too long to set up. All I do now is drive in and unfold the gates. When the gates are completely unfolded they're 88 ft. long. The right combination of gates could also be used to form a square pen."
Wessel spent about $300 to build the portable fence.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, George Wessel, Rt. 1, Box 103, Corning, Kan. 66417 (ph 913 336-2532).

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