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Renovator Boosts Pasture Profits
A new machine that sells for less than $500 is catching on fast in both cattle and alfalfa country.
In cattle country, ranchers are using it to renovate both tame and native pastures once a year. Alfalfa growers are "slicing" the soil after each cutting to salvage virtually every drop of rain that falls.
"It's the first and only machine on the market specifically designed for renovating pastures and hay land," explains Bill Remias, manager of sales for the new Farnam Renovator. "It doesn't rip or chisel but slices the soil. The idea is to open the soil for aeration and moisture penetration without disturbing the topsoil, thus minimizing erosion and loss of topsoil moisture through evaporation.
"We experimented with a lot of different spacing and digging depths. Best results were with a comparatively shallow slice - only 4 to 6 in. deep - and with the chisels spaced 15 in. apart. Operating at this shallow depth, and using chisels that slice rather than rip, dig or plow, wouldn't do the job in stubble or stalk ground. But the features are just right for this first-of-its kind machine which is designed specifically for boosting hay and pasture profits," he points out.
Models are available with three to nine shanks spaced 15 in. apart. The smallest model (30 in. wide from outer shank to outer shank) sells for $219; the nine shank model (120 in. wide) for $488. Because of the shallow depth used for renovating, the largest model is easily handled with a 50 hp tractor, says Remias.
He recommends renovating alfalfa after each cutting, and going over tame or native pastures once a year. "Renovate first, then fertilize," he advises. "Our test have shown that you can use, depending on the type of forage and soil, up to 70% less fertilizer by renovating. And, with fertilizer prices being what they are, that savings could amount, to thousands of dollars."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farnam Companies, Equipment Division, Box 21447, Phoenix, Ariz. 85036 (ph. 602 267-1166).

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