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Electronic Rain Gauge Never Needs Emptying
You don't even have to get out of bed to see how much rain fell overnight with a new electronic rain gauge that empties itself and has a remote indicator that installs anywhere.
The RainWise gauge measures rain by weight with a plastic collector pan that dumps itself as it "counts" the rain.
The gauge consists of the collector pan, sealed electronic base unit, up to 100 ft. of wire that's thin enough to allow a window to close over it, and the remote indicator made of black matte plastic. The collector counts rain by tenths of an inch and empties itself as each tenth accumulates, sending a signal to the indicator inside which registers the count. The indicator counts up to 999.9 in. of rain but can be reset at any time to zero by pushing a reset button. The only regular maintenance required by the unit is to keep the collector free of leaves and other debris.
The unit is powered by a 9-volt battery which lasts about a year. It installs on a fencepost, roof, deck or wherever you wish with just two screws.
The gauge comes with 30 ft. of wire and sells for $49.95, plus $3.00 for shipping. A more advanced unit that measures rain to 1/100th of an inch sells for $69.95. The company also makes remote electronic temperature monitors that register highs and lows over a 24 hr. period.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rodco Products, P.O. Box 944, Columbus, Neb. 68601 (ph toll free 800 227-1617, Ext. 109).

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