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Go-Anywhere Disk Sharpener
You can sharpen worn discs right on the farm, as soon as they need it, with a new portable disc sharpener from Pydee Engineering Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, Man.
The grind-in-place sharpener consists of a grinding wheel mounted low to the ground on a metal stand, with handles for the operator; a pto shaft; and an adapter that fits on the gang bolt of the disc.
"You bolt the adapter to the gang bolt, then run the pto shaft from there to the tractor. With the pto engaged, all the discs will turn and you just slip the grinding wheel underneath and sharpen them one by one," explains N.C. Pydee, cimpany president.
Any diameter disc can be sharpened, since a larger disc only increases rpm's of the spinning grinding wheel. Even serrated or notched discs can be given a sharp edge with the portable device. You can sharpen as many gangs of discs as are in the same plane and connected by a gang coupler. The tractor can be hooked up to an exposed gang bolt at either end of the implement.
"With this sharpener, you don't have to wait on a custom sharpening service, or haul discs into town to get the work done. Old blades will look like new wherever you do the workwhether at headquarters or in the field," Pydee points out.
Sharpener retail price is right at $169.50, plus $19.95 for the adapter.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pydee Engineering Co., Ltd., Special Products Division, 1018 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg, Man. R3A 1N8 (ph. 204 7747417).

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