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Handy Bag For Picking Fruit
A handy picking bag, invented by a British horticulturalist, is said to halve the time required to hand-pick fruit. The picker simply plucks the fruit and drops it directly into the bag attached to his hand and wrist.
Tie Picker-Pocket Bag has a capacity of 1 1/4 quarts and is made of thornproof nylon. It has a suede top with holes for fingers and thumb. Can be used on either hand. A wire ring around the top keeps the bag open and an elastic loop on the outside allows it to hang underneath the picker's wrist so that berries can be dropped directly into the bag. It also can be used for cherry tomatoes and small beans.
A waist-level bag for picking large fruit, such as apples and citrus, takes the invention a step further. A chute from the bag is connected by detachable elastic straps to the arm. The lightweight, waist-level bag is supported from the shoulders. A simple arrangement of baffles inside the waist bag makes sure that the fruit zigzags to the bottom without bruising. When it is full, capacity is about 20 lbs.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Garden Way Catalog, Charlotte, Vt. 05445 (ph 802 425-2121).

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