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Lift-Out Device For Stuck Vehicles
Extra leverage for lifting stuck cars, trucks or tractors out of mudholes is provided with a relatively simple new device called the Lift-Out.
Placed in front of the stuck vehicle under the towing chain, it adds lifting force to the normal horizontal pull, explains John Stovall, sales manager for Thrust Mfg. It can be used with a chain or cable, or in conjunction with a winch.
"The Lift-Out enables a towing vehicle to not only pull a stuck vehicle forward, but to lift it out of its stuck position," says Stovall. "It's especially useful when the stuck vehicle is in a high centered position and must be lifted before it can be moved forward."
The device is adjustable for length (2.5 to 4 ft.). Its correct height is dependent on how deep the vehicle is stuck. It should be adjusted so that at maximum lift the stuck vehicle's wheels are still in contact with the ground, but with most of the weight off of the wheels to prevent the vehicle from sliding to one side.
The Lift-Out is positioned at approximately 45? tilt. As the towing vehicle moves forward, the device rotates forward and automatically falls away from the chain and flat on the ground, enabling the towed vehicle to be pulled over it.
Sells for about $20.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Thrust Mfg., 6901 S. Yosemite St., Englewood, Co. 80110 (ph. 303 770-3163).

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