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Bird Feeder Mounts Right On Window
Watch birds fly right up to your window with this new close-up window bird feeder from Candela II Associates, Long Lake, Minn.
The feeder consists of a 61/z by 31/z by 1% in, deep tray attached to a 6 by 7 in. back. The tray-holder, back and roof are all formed from a single piece of clear acryllic plastic. The slanting roof extends beyond the width of the feeder to help protect the feed from rain, snow or wind.
The feeder attaches to glass windows (or sliding doors) by 2 nylon suction cups. Their "all-weather" grip was successfully field tested for three years near International Falls, Minn. The cups are mounted near the top of the back-piece so that the viewer can get a full view of birds as they feed.
The feeder is designed so it can fit on the smallest pane of multiple-pane windows. It can easily be moved by sliding a knife under the suction cups to break the seal.
"It's a great gift for anyone, but especially for kids, shut-ins, and apartment dwellers," notes Mickey Owens, sales manager. "Birds get used to kids when the feeder is set low, and they will also find the feeder even if it's mounted on a second or third story window."
Though size of the feeder makes it ideal for smaller birds - since they can climb right into the tray - birds as large as a pileated woodpecker have fed on it without breaking it or damaging it, says Owens.
He points out that, since the feeder is made of clear plastic, viewers can get close enough to birds to take pictures with Polaroid or other camera, without having to use special lenses. "The feeder also is virtually squirrel-proof, since they can't climb on slippery glass windows or doors."
The feeder, shipped ready to use, is available to FARM SHOW subscribers for $9.95, including mailing and handling, an 8 oz. sack of bird feed and 3 plastic trays.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Audubon Division, Candela II Associates, P.O. Box 326, Long Lake, Minn. 55356 (ph 612 473-0990).

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