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Can You Use A Canning Set
If you do a lot of home canning, you'll be interested in the Gunnard Canning Set.
It consists of 2 rubber lined wrenches - one to hold the jar and one to tightly seal or open the cover - and a Safety Lifter device to place boiling hot jars in the cooker, and to remove them after sterilizing or processing.
Long handles on the rubber lined wrenches give you the needed leverage to get lids on tight to help keep mold and spoilage out of your jars. They fit most pint, quart, or halfgallon size jars. The wrenches can also be used throughout the year to open food jars bought in stores.
John Ahlquist, president of the Gunnard Company, Lakeville, Minn., notes that the wrenches also help reduce injuries from broken jars. "Many a housekeeper has been lucky in not breaking a jar while twisting, but those who have broken jars while opening or sealing know that it does not pay to take a chance," he points out. He adds that "you also save money in covers in using the wrenches. When you remove them without prying, they don't get bent and can be used over again."
The thumb-operated Safety Lock Lifter locks on the jar to help you safely remove it from the cooker or broiler without having to touch or handle the boiling hot jar with your hands. It lifts half-pints, pints, quarts or half-gallons.
Cost of the complete canning set consisting of the two wrenches and the Safety Lock Lifter, including postage and handling, is $4.25.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup The Gunnard Company, Box 516, Lakeville, Minn. 55044 (ph 612-469-2422).

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