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Air Conditioner For Making Hay
Many of the best new ideas in haying have come from Europe. Now comes the latest ¨ an "air conditioner" for hay that dries, windrows and conditions using a directed flow of air.
"Air is the gentlest way to handle hay. It prevents the loss of leaves while fluffing hay up in the field so that it dries faster than with any other machine," Carree told FARM SHOW.
The 15-ft. wide machine has a conventional mechanical pickup that lifts hay onto the "blowing table". There, air blown in from 20-in. dia. turbines at either end of the machine lifts the material up and out the back. Air is channelled through air ducts running down the center of the machine and out through small, multi-directional air shafts that can be directed to spread the hay, or carry it into a windrow.
"Hay is carried ¨ not thrown ¨back to the ground. Back flaps can be closed to drop the windrow just where you want it," Carree explains. "Because there is so little metal contact, the loss of leaves is very low."
Both the pickup and air turbines are pto-powered and require only minimum horsepower. The smallest utility tractors can pull it, Carree says.
The machine can be used to windrow dried, mown hay, to fluff up windrows for faster drying, or to combine two windrows for faster baling later. The machine could be built wider, Carree points out.
In production in France, the new hay handler sells for about $4,110.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, F. Carree, Constructeur, Loudeac, 22600, France (ph 96 28 0324).

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