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Grill Cooks From The Top Down
"There are many outdoor gas grills on the market today, ranging in price and quality from $69 specials to quality lines which sell for $600 or more. However, they all have one thing in common they all cook from the bottom up, creating smoke and flare-ups caused by grease dropping on the open flame. This also creates carcinogens in the meat which isn't healthy," says Phil Foster, president of Farmer's Factory Co., Lee, Ill.
Foster markets the new "Shiftee Chef" broiler which cooks meat from the top down. "By using fire bricks above the burners, we increase the heat and radiate it down. Our unit cooks at 950?, which is 400? hotter than a conventional oven broiler. At the bottom, we have a drip pan in which you put water before you start cooking," Foster points out.
"All grease and cholesterol is trapped in this water. For clean-up, you simply rinse out the pan with hot water and wipe clean. The water adds a steaming effect which keeps meat from drying out while cooking. So, you're actually broiling, sealing in natural juices and steaming all at the same time and without getting any smoke or flare-up."
The unit has a 13 by 18-in. cooking grid (234 sq. in.) but, because of its fast cooking speed, it'll keep up with a conventional grill with 700 sq. in. of cooking space, says Foster, adding that the broiler will cook approximately 150 pork chops, or 70 12-oz. steaks, to medium done in an hour.
Other Shiftee Chef features include: built-in timer, 14-ga. porcelain coated steel finish, self-basting rotisserie, push-button ignition and 5-position cooking rack for placing meats "the exact distance from the heat for perfect cooking."
Shiftee Chef sells for $539. Deluxe model, with wooden case, sells for $579.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farmer's Factory Co., Box 122, County Line Road S., Lee, Ill. 60530 (ph 815 824-2132).

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