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Automatic Waterer
"It eliminates costly and water-wasting nipple waterers," says Illinois hog producer Harry Starr, IV, of Carlinville, designer-manufacturer of Water Mizer, a new automatic trough watering system for hogs and other livestock.
The control unit, mounted at either end of a feeding-watering trough, maintains a constant, preset water level ranging from a fraction of an inch to 3? in. "For our own use, we keep it set for a water level of in," notes Starr. "This level provides enough water for feed to absorb, yet isn't enough to cause feed to swim down the trough. With no more than in. of water in the trough at any time, hogs can't splash it out, thus eliminating costly waste and the mess that goes with it."
Flow rate of the Water Mizer is 2 gpm (at 40 or more lbs. pressure). If the trough extends beyond the last stall, the Water Mizer can be installed without sacrificing use of the stall. "We're working on a model that can be suspended above the last stall, allowing you to install the Water Mizer and still use the end stall," notes Starr.
The automatic control, made of PVC, has only one moving part and requires virtually no maintenance. Sells for $39.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Water Mizer, Harry Starr, IV, manufacturer, 517 South Mayo St., Carlinville, Ill. 62626 (ph 217 854-9294).

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