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Add-Ons Make Graviy Box Better
"You'll never have to shovel grain out of your gravity box again if you fit it with our new ęslip strip' liner," says David Dobson, Point Edward, Ontario.
The vinyl liner comes in a 150-ft. long, 14-in. wide roll and is self adhesive with a paper backing. You cut the liner material into pieces that fit the wagon's sloped surface and chute, then peel off the backing and use a squeegee (provided) to press the liner in place.
"It can be installed over the entire bottom of the box or just the corners depending on the type of box and its condition," says Dobson. "One roll contains enough material to cover the bottom of 1 1/2 350-bu. wagons. If you want to do just the corners you can cover 4 to 5 wagons. We used the liner on one wagon that handled almost 30,000 bu. of grain and it showed very little wear. The liner comes in a standard yellow color but can be ordered in any color to match your wagon. An ultraviolet light protectant ensures that it'll last 3 to 5 years."
Kit includes a 150-ft. roll of liner, squeegee, and instructions. Sells for $175 (Canadian) plus S&H.
Dobson also sells a "port hole" sight glass kit for gravity boxes. It mounts inside the box at eye level, allowing a full view inside the wagon from ground level. You cut a 3-in. dia. hole into the side of the box, then pop rivet the sight glass in place. It comes pre-drilled for the pop rivets and has a mar-resistant coating on the surface.
Kit contains one sight glass, a no. 21 drill bit, four pop rivets, and instructions. Sells for $10 (Canadian) plus S&H.
"Both products can also be installed on grain buggies, trucks, etc.," notes Dobson.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, DD Mechanical, David Dobson, 310 Michigan Ave., Point Edward, Ontario, Canada N7V 1E9 (519 383-8857).

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