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Pressure-Fed Roller Mill
Better feed quality and increased capacity are two key advantages offered by a new-style high-capacity roller mill.
The "New Concept" roller mill is pressure-fed by an intake auger that pushes grain into the unit's 30-in. long, 10-in. dia. roller. "Other units rely on gravity and grooves on the rollers to pull grain in. Pressure feeding eliminates problems due to bridging of grain. Grain is fed in evenly across the entire width of the roller. A diagonal cut pattern on the roller, instead of the conventional method of cutting grooves across the face of the roller, results in less "flouring" of the grain for better feed con-version," says distributor Randall Vanrobaeys.
Unit can be pto or electric driven.
Sells for $4,000 equipped with chassis, $3,000 without chassis..
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Randall and Colleen Vanrobaeys, Deloraine, Manitoba, Canada ROM OMO (ph 204 747-3300).

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