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Quadractor Pulls Eight Times Its Weight
Latest new development in utility tractors is the revolutionary Quadtractor which weighs only 500 lbs., yet pulls up to 8 times its own weight. It's possible because of the extra traction of the 4-wheel drive which, with its 4 identical vertical drives to the wheel is an adaptation of aircraft landing gear design.
Powered by an 8 hp. gasoline engine, the tractor hasequalled or exceeded the performance of other small tractors with 2 to 5 times the hp., explains Barry Rossinoff, sales manager of Traction, Inc., North Troy, Vt., manufacturer.
Rossinoff explains that "you hitch the load under rather than behind the machine. The weight adds traction as the load gets bigger. It's the first major development to help traction since the 3-pt. hitch of 40 years ago. It not only aids traction but is a quick connect-disconnect hitch."
It is versatile, being used as a riding mower, garden tractor, and intermediate tractor. Attachments now available or under development are a 36-in. rototiller, 68-inch rotary mower, utility blade, 6-ft. sidebar mower, 6-ft. snow thrower, cultivator, hay conditioner, auger, power generator, one-bottom plow, fertilizer spreader and planter.
Retail price of the Quadractor is $2,900.
For more information contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Traction Inc., P.O. Box_ 90, North Troy, Vt. 05859 (ph 802 988-4411).

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