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Simplified Marker
Three discs making up the all-purpose marker from Davies Blade Co. are positioned on a slant, causing it to constantly want to veer sharply to one side when pulled forward.

It connects by rope for use with a wide variety of implements, including fertilizer spreaders, sprayers, drills or harrows. You simply make the rope as long as needed to mark width of the implement being used. Photo shows it hooked to one end of a drill going around the field in one direction and working towards the center.

"It also works great for back and forth work," explains Boyd Davies, marketing director. "In this case, the rope is attached to the center of the implement. After the tractor turns to go back in the opposite direction, the rope pulls tight and the marker automatically flips over and, because of the slanted angle of the discs, immediately runs to the other side an equal distance."

Davies adds that it marks clean in plowing, stubble and a wide variety of other soil conditions. New models feature one-piece hub and bearing assemblies. Other key features include low maintenance, and easy transfer from one implement to another without elaborate connections to the towed implement.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Davies Blade Co., Pratt, Kan. 67124. (ph. 316 672-6429).

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