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Insecticide Paint Kills Flies, Bugs
Latest new weapon for fighting flies, spiders, cockroaches and dozens of other troublesome insects in the home and around the farm is "Insecticide Paint."
"It has virtually all of the features and flexibility of regular latex paint, plus the exclusive ability to provide long lasting insect control," Pat Quinlan, sales manager for the Artilin Co., developer of the product, told FARM SHOW.
The Canadian-based company has developed a special patented process for incorporating insecticides into built-from-scratch latex paints. Insecticide Paint is being marketed in Canada and other countries. "We anticipate having it available in the U.S. later this year," reports Quinlan.
The paint's deadly effect on insects lasts for the normal 2 to 4 years life of a coat of high quality latex paint. It's odorless 48 hours after application, non-toxic to humans ("you can paint the walls of a children's nursery with it"), washable, colorfast and easy to apply, Quinlan told FARM SHOW.
"Thousands of insecticide particles are incorporated into the paint during manufacture. When an insect rests on the painted surface, contact by its feet causes the insecticide particles to dissolve because of glandular secretion from the insect. Eventually, an insect absorbs a lethal amount of insecticide and dies. Thus, it kills rather than simply repells flies and other insects," Quinlan explains.
He notes that the new paint is used in the same manner as regular paint for interior walls and ceilings in the home, and for outdoor use, such as along the foundation or windows, on inside or outside barn walls, and on the lower trunk of trees in orchards to protect against certain insects.
Insecticide Paint comes in white but can be colored with pigment (up to 5%). Like regular paint, it can be applied with brush, roller or airless spray. It can't be mixed with other paint and two coats are recommended. Washing a painted wall with clear, lukewarm water will restore a top coat of Insecticide Paint to full effectiveness of the insecticides - even several years after its application, the manufacturer points out. "About the only restriction is that the product can't be used on surfaces which would be in direct contact with f. :a.," according to Quinlan.
Sells for $24 per gal. in Canada, which is about 10% higher than the going U.S. rate for latex paint of comparable high quality.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Insecticide Paints, Artilin, Inc., 35 Allen Street, Waterloo, Quebec, Canada J0E 2N0 (ph 514 539-2813).

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