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Liquid Fertilizer Blade
"Liquid Blade" is the innovative new way to inject liquid fertilizer using a blade rather than a knife for placement.
The 20-in. blade, introduced by Dayson, Inc., Springfield, Ohio, requires 75% less horsepower to pull than equipment with knives, according to Dave Long, designer. The new-style blades can be mounted on the toolbar of whatever implement you now use to inject liquid fertilizer, says Long, adding that the blade also acts as a trash cutting coulter in minimum till conditions.
The blade has 30 small holes on each side, 1 in. from the outer edge and spaced 2 in. apart. As the ground-driven blade turns through the soil, fertilizer travels from the feed-in hose, through the inlet on the blade axle to the exit holes via 3/8 in. dia tubes. Each tube serves 2 holes pushing fertilizer out both the left and right sides of the blade.
Long explains that the blade leaves fertilizer in a continuous curtain from the surface to 5 in. deep rather than in a single stream or ribbon. Consequently, the roots have a constant supply of fertilizer as they grow, he notes.
Fertilizer can't shoot out holes not in the ground since the feed-in on the axle only drops fertilizer into tubes when the respective holes they serve are in the ground.
The holes are notched into the blade at an angle to prevent soil from plugging them. Long says it takes a 6 psi pump to inject fertilizer without plugging and that you can use the same pump, application rates- and travelling speed.
Liquid Blade will be available next spring and will sell for $375.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Davson, Inc., 33 S. Belmont, Springfield, Ohio 45505 (ph 513 322-1591).

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