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Portable Hoist For Car,Trucks
"We think it's one of the most convenient tools ever developed for the do-it-yourselfer or part time mechanic," says Gerrel Shirk, inventor of a new portable, electric hoist that lifts up to 6,000 lbs. and sets up in minutes.
The hoist requires no air or hydraulic pressure. It folds up and takes very little storage space when not in use, yet sets up quickly wherever needed when there's work to be done.
The hoist consists of a T-shaped frame that walks up "teeth" on three free-standing corner posts. All the lifting is done by a 1-hp., 750 lb. winch through a cable arrangement. Every 3 inches, the lift platform locks on a tooth. Thus, if the lift or winch should fail in some way, it would lock safely in place until power was restored.
"The lift is 14 ft. long and 11 ft. wide, runs off 110-v electricity, or can be rigged to run on a 12-v battery power. You can drive on or back onto the platform, depending on which part of the vehicle you plan to work," explains Shirk.
The lift will raise the vehicle up to 54 in. off the ground. "There's nothing to bolt to the floor - nothing permanent," Shirk points out. The lift cable runs inside the lifting Tframe and up to pulleys at the top of each post."
Retail price of the just-introduced hoist is right at $3,295.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tri-Ports Lift, 1000 W. 1st, Newton, Kan. 67114 (ph 316 283-8938).

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