1996 - Volume #20, Issue #5, Page #12
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Wood-Fired Stock Tank Heater

"My wood-fired stock tank heater will keep 600 gal. of water open and warm for less than $1 a day, even in the coldest weather," says Jim Wilhoit, New Hartford, Mo., who builds both round and square models.

Both models stand 3 1/2-ft. high and have a 3 1/2-ft. long exhaust stack on top, along with a hinged steel lid and a draft control on the side. The 18-in. dia. round models are made from 3/8-in. thick steel while the square models are made from slightly thinner material.

"They're convenient to use and have a lot of advantages over electric or kerosene heaters," says Wilhoit. "You don't have to worry about fuel leaking into the water like you do with kerosene units, and you can place the stock tank at the edge of a pasture or even in the middle of a feedlot where it's impractical to run electric wires. They work a lot better than using an open barrel be-cause you won't have any problems keeping the fire burning. When stacked full of wood they'll burn for 18 to 24 hours before they have to be refilled. The square model lets you use more big sections of wood.

"They're heavy enough that they sink to the bottom of the stock tank so you don't have to tie them down. However, I run a wire out from each side to anchor them so cattle can't rub against them and tip them over. Built-in handles make them easy to move around."

Wilhoit sells the heaters for $150 apiece.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jim Wilhoit, Rt. 1, Box 39A, New Hartford, Mo. 63359 (ph 573-324-4373).

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1996 - Volume #20, Issue #5