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Bad News For Brother Borer
A new device for pinpointing the best time to spray for corn borers appears to have passed extensive first year tests with flying colors.
"We're still evaluating overall performance but results so far look promising," reports Joe Hunter, of Genesceo, Kan., inventor of the Moth Watch light trap. "There's a lot of interest among aerial custom spray operators."
Moth watch is equipped with a battery-operated replaceable bulb which attracts corn borer moths. One Moth Watch light trap takes care of a 160 acre corn field. You mount the light on a post about 4 ft. high in the center of the field and place /z teaspoon of cyanide crystals, or a 2 in. strip of Shell's No-Pest strip, in the bottom of the trap. The insecticide kills moths as they enter the trap, allowing for easy identification and daily counting to monitor their flight. A daily count of 4 or 5 dead corn borer moths is your signal to be ready to spray for corn borer control in 8 to 10 days.
"Kansas State College specialists report that the only way to effectively control the corn borer is to monitor the moth flight," explains Hunter. "When economic levels occur, the date should be noted and spraying should take,place from the 8th to 10th day, and again on the 20th day if flight continues."
Moth Watch, which corn growers throughout Kansas used this past summer to keep tabs an both European and Southwestern corn borers, sells for $29.95.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Joe Hunter Enterprises, Genesceo, Kan. 67444 (ph. 316 824-6398).

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