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New Air System Loads, Unloads Silos
Plans for installing the first "one source system" for automatic silo filling, unloading and feeding were being finalized as this issue of FARM SHOW went to press.
This first-of-its-kind pneumatic system, developed in Germany and introduced in the United States by Neuero Corp., headquartered in Chicago, works both as a blower for filling upright silos, and as an unloader. What's more, the same blower used for loading and unloading automatically distributes silage to feed bunks, wagons or wherever needed. Some observers predict that the pneumatic concept could soon obsolete mechanical type silo loadersunloaders.
The system was introduced in Europe 6 years ago where it has caught on fast, a spokesman for Neuero told FARM SHOW. It adapts to virtually all upright structures - including Harvestors-from 14 to 33 ft. in dia., and 90 or more feet tall. In adapting the system to Harvestores in Europe, the "breather bag" is abandoned, along with the conventional Harvestors bottom-unloading concept, and a side door is cut into the structure to modify it for the topunloading pneumatic system. Howard Harvestors in England reportedly has purchased about 40 of the revolutionary air systems for loading silage in and out of Harvestores.
Another key feature is that the new air system isn't bothered by sub-zero weather. It has been used successfully in Northern Sweden and other European countries the year around.
One blower does it all - blows silage, including coarse, long-stem material that conventional blowers can't handle, into the silo, vacuums it out for unloading, and distributes it to feed bunks or feed wagons.
The new Neuero top loaderunloader has disk type wheels which are turned one way to loosen packed silage for unloading, then turned the opposite way for filling to pack and distribute material as it's blown in. For unloading, the disks loosen and carry material to the center of the silo where it's sucked up and taken back to the forage blower which then "revs" the material through a horizontal distribution pipe to feed bunks. The system is geared for high capacity - up to 100 tons of corn silage per hour.
In addition to its unloading function, the top unloader has a secondary function of insuring even distribution and packing of the material as the silo is being filled. The un
.loader, which will handle silage coarsely chopped in lengths up to 6 in., eliminates the need to use a precision chopper - either in the field or prior to blowing material into the silo. Its leveling action, combined with the force with which the special blower revs material into the silo, packs silage more tightly than do conventional loaders, says the manufacturer.
Other advantages cited for the revolutionary system include: Fast silo filling, distribution, compaction and unloading; very little loss of nutrients; and adaptability to a wide variety of building conditions and feedlots.
The Neuero automatic silo system stays in the silo between loading and unloading. Removal and reinstallation - as required by most conventional top unloading systems - isn't necessary, the manufacturer paints out.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Neuero Corp., 1201 Hawthorns Lane, West Chicago, Ill. 60185 (ph 312 231-9020).

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