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New-Style Blower For Mowing Snow
Instead of conventional horizontal augers, a new style snow blower introduced by the Steiner Corp., Orville, Ohio, uses two twin 4 ft. dia. blowers.
The blowers create a vacuum sweep effect which prevents bridging, even in the deepest snow, the manufacturer points out. Individual blades on each fan have steel shear pins. If a pin shears, you can keep right on blowing snow without having to stop. The machine won't be quite as efficient with one or more pins sheared, but you don't have to stop even if the pins on several blades are sheared, the manufacturer points out.
A key design feature is that the pto-driven blowers are geared down to operate at only 250 rpm. Even at this relatively slow speed, there's enough torque on them to move deep and frozen snow without plugging or bridging, and to rev the snow 3 to 5 car lengths away from the machine, the manufacturer points out. The blowers are tied together so one can't spin out, and take a 9'/s ft. cut. The entire machine weighs 1800 lbs. and is recommended for use with tractors in the 100 to 180 hp. range. The 12 in. dual discharge chutes are hydraulically controlled.
Suggested retail is $3,450.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stinar Corp., 12657 Church Road, Orville, Ohio 44677 (ph 216-683-2191).

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