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Front-Drive Super C Bean Buggy
"Our remodeled Farmall Super C tractor makes a great 5-rider bean buggy for spot spraying weeds in soybean fields, allowing me to shift and steer from the front of the tractor," says Glen Vander Zwaag, Hull, Iowa.
"We've used this sprayer for several years. It saves set-up time each summer, is economical to operate and frees up a tractor," says Vander Zwaag, who built a frame underneath and on both sides of the tractor to support four seats. The fifth seat is in front of the tractor, where the rider uses a "T' shaped lever to steer the tractor. VanderZwaag unhooked the tractor's steering shaft at the spindle arm and in-stalled a hydraulic cylinder salvaged from a Massey 300 combine. Movement of the "T" lever controls a two-way valve on the cylinder to move the spindle arm left or right.
Vander Zwaag ran 8-in. steel cable from foot pedals in front to the tractor's brake and clutch pedals so he can operate them in a manner. Shifting is controlled by a four-way lever that's connected by square tubing to the tractor's shift lever. Adjustable automobile head rests mounted in front of each seat serve as a hand rest. A plywood shield directs engine heat away from riders closest to the tractor.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen Vander Zwaag, RR 1, Hull, Iowa (ph 712 439-1661).

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1989 - Volume #13, Issue #3