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Manure Injector For Pastures
This new liquid manure injector, imported from Holland, lets you inject manure in a shallow layer into the root zone in pastures without damaging the grass, making nutrients immediately available to roots.
Manure flows from a rear-mounted distribution tank to injection tines mounted behind coulters. The tines create furrows that are closed by a pair of spring-loaded press wheels.
"It lets you apply heavier rates of manure because it buries it in the soil 2 to 4 in. deep and seals it instead of leaving it on top where it can bum the grass," says Percy Mockler, noting that in Holland laws now require farmers to inject all manure. No surface application is allowed. "It greatly reduces odors and doesn't ruin the flavor of the grass, allowing livestock to return to the field immediately after injection. It's so odor-free we've even used it on golf courses."
The tines' narrow openings are continuously cleaned by an ejector system that forces any impurities in the manure, such as clumps of silage, through injection tubes. Shutoff valves seal the injection tines as soon as they're lifted out of the soil to prevent spillage on headlands.
For more information, contact: fARM SHOW Followup, Valley Sales & Service Ltd., Box 919, Rt. 6, T.C.H., Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada E0J 1M0 (ph 506 473-3439).

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