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Mini Lifter Shanks For Moldboard Plows
"Our mini lifter shanks replace the legs on your moldboard plow to fracture compacted soil with very little surface soil disturbance. They're an inexpensive alternative to the Paraplow," says Ray Rawson, Farwell, Mich.
The shanks, 4-in. wide, 14-in. long, and 1/2-in. thick, are equipped with a 4-in. wide lifter point at the bottom. They simply bolt in place of moldboard plow legs to fracture compacted soil 10 to 14 in. deep.
"A 6-row Paraplow costs more than $6,000 whereas the cost to convert a 6-bottom moldboard plow with our shanks is only about $850. Other add-on shanks for moldboard plows are designed with twisted shovels that work like a chisel plow. They bolt onto the plow's legs and cut a wide slot through the soil. Our narrow shanks fracture compacted soil with very little disturbance. They completely replace plow legs and leave a slot only 1/2-in. wide. By the following spring the soil is smooth enough that you can plant without doing any tillage work," says Rawson. When mounted on 18-in. centers the shanks fracture all of the soil surface. Shanks on 30-in. centers fracture more than 50% of the soil surface and leave strips of unfractured soil' that provide an area for tractor tires to follow.
The add-on shanks require 15 hp per leg and fit most major brand plows except for Case-IH.
Sells for $125 per shank.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rawson Coulters, 7413 North Nottawa Road, Farwell, Mich. 48622 (ph 517 588-2230).

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