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Front Disc Cutter Saves Old Machine
B.L. "Butch" Uhnken didn't want to buy a new chisel plow, outfitted with cutting discs, to cut through cornstalks and he didn't want to make a separate trip through his fields with an offset disk. Instead, he designed a front-mounted toolbar outfitted with coulters that do a super cutting job and let him pull his old chisel plow behind.
The 16-ft. dolly-type toolbar in front carries nine coulters off a planter, each mounted to line up in front of a chisel shank behind the tractor. The dolly is mounted on a universal joint type hitch that flexes up to 45? in every direction over uneven terrain.
"It moves along easily and doesn't require additional tractor horse-power because the chisel plow pullse asier after the front unit cuts through the residue," explains Uhnken.
The framework of the front-mounted unit is about .5 ft. long. Uhnken notes that the front toolbar can easily be outfitted with Danish tines or other tillage tools in the spring.
Uhnken is building the new front-mounted toolbar himself. Units are custom-built to match your chisel plow. The 16-ft. model, for example, sells for $2,800 without coulters. Uhnken says coulters off plows or planters will work on the machine.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, B.L. "Butch" Uhnken, 25 Westfair Drive, Jacksonville, Ill. 62650 (ph 217 245-4359).

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