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Go-Cooker Cooks While You Drive
Here's a really unique cooking idea a portable stove that cooks food, while you drive, with exhaust heat from the engine of your pickup.
Designed originally for vacationers, it's called a "Go-Cooker". The aluminum alloy container mounts on the rear bumper and connects to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. (The inside of the container has no contact with the exhaust.) Hot exhaust from the engine cooks your dinner while you drive.
Designer Bill Worrell says it serves as a portable hibachi or charcoal grill when detached from the vehicle. It will also boil water to use for washing dishes or scalding. "It's great for farmers who want to have a hot meal when working in the field, while on trips, or when camping," says Worrell.
The Go-Cooker will work with any auto engine of four cylinders or bigger, but it does not heat from an idling engine. Openings in the side and bottom allow exhaust gases to escape. "We haven't experimented with farm equipment," Worrell says, "but there's no reason why it wouldn't work on tractors or combines with some modification of the mounting brackets."
The Go-Cooker can be ordered by mail for $119.95, plus $4.95 for postage and handling. Attachment to the muffler is an additional cost that Worrell says can be done in 10 minutes for about $7 at a muffler shop.
For more details, send $1 and a self-addressed envelope to: FARM SHOW Followup, Go-Cooker, Inc., Box 56, Art, Texas 76802.

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