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Air Gun Corn Silker
"We've been using this method for about 20 years. It lets two people process about 50 dozen ears of sweet corn per hour," says W.G. Carpenter, Durham, N. C., who uses an air gun to "de-silk" sweet corn.
"We use about 90 lbs. pressure. Over 100 lbs. will burst the kernels. You hold the ears in your left hand with the top of the ear pointing to you. Take the air gun in your right hand and blow from the top of the ear to the bottom of ear. Silks come out clean and quick from down between the kernels. You roll the ears over as you blow them off. One person shucking and one person silking makes a fast team but you should only keep about 3 or 4 ears on the table between shucking and silking because if the silks dry out they are much harder to remove.
"It takes a little practice to learn the best way to operate but once you've done it you won't want to do it any other way."
Contact FARM SHOW Follow up, W.G. Carpenter, 2917 Redwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 27704.

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