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Rifle scope transit
A .22 rifle scope, mounted on top of a2 ft. level that swivels on a tripod, makes an inexpensive transit that works great for grading ditches, field tile, terraces and building foundations, says Wesley Evans, Raleigh, Ilk
'Three 4-ft. long, 3/8-in. dia. electric fence posts fit inside three 1-ft. long, 1/2-in. dia. pipes to form the tripod.
"I got the idea for the transit from an article about a similar home-built transit. However, the rifle scope and level on that transit were mounted on a ladder instead of a tripod, and the scope didn't swivel. My transit disassembles into four pieces for easy transport and the scope swivels 360?," says Evans.
Plastic tie straps secure the level to a bearing flange that's attached to a bearing mounted on a 1-in. dia., 1-ft. long shaft at the top of the tripod. The shaft is welded to a sprocket along with three bolts. The three 1/2-in. dia pipes that make up the top of the tripod each have a nut inside one end. Evans screws the pipes onto the bolts until all three legs are level. "I can quickly remove the scope and level by untying the plastic straps, and slip off all
three legs for transport. It takes only five minutes to reassemble ," notes Evans. To build a sight stick, he nailed a steel tape from a broken tape measure to an 8-ft. long, 2 by 2 board.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Wesley Evans, RR 1, Raleigh, Ill. 62977 (ph 618 268-6348).

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