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One Pass Air Seeder
"Our new heavy duty, one-pass conservation drill is a cross between an air seeder and a conventional no-till drill. It's equipped with a Valmar Airflow blower for uniform seed distribution and special-designed hoe openers that place fertilizer 2 in. below the seed in all types of terrain," says Wayne Neace, owner of AgPro Marketing & Mfg., Lewiston, Idaho.
The hoe opener configuration consists of a fluted coulter, hoe opener with point, and press wheel. Fertilizer runs through a tube down under the point. Seed is blown through a tube mounted on back of the hoe opener. The drill can support up to three tanks that carry liquid or dry fertilizer or anhydrous ammonia. The tanks mount on a separate frame that bolts onto the drill.
"It eliminates the need for any other trips through the field and has produced super yields over varying conditions," says Neace. "Some no-till drills can carry starter fertilizer, but most of them aren't built heavy enough to carry all the fertilizer needed by the crop during the growing season. Most no-till drills place fertilizer to the side of the seed where it's not as readily available. Our drill places fertilizer directly under the seed where it's immediately available to plant roots. It works better than a conventional air seeder because it has more fertilizer capacity and because the hoe openers place seed and fertilizer more accurately than shanks. Blower is equipped with individual metering cups for consistent seed placement."
The tanks and blower are mounted at the center of the drill allowing the wings to be folded up for an overall 14-ft. transport width. The blower holds 60 bu. and can be powered by pto, hydraulics, or gas engine.
The photo shows a drill equipped with two 500 gal. tanks at the rear and a 250 gal. tank for starter fertilizer. Avail-able in 18, 24, and 32-ft. widths. A fully-equipped 24-ft. model sells for $70,000 to $80,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wayne Neace, AgPro Marketing & Mfg., Inc., 1112 la Airway Ave., Lewiston, Idaho 83501 (ph 208 746-2212).

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