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Hidden fence keeps dogs at home
New from England is a lower cost "hidden" fence to keep car-chasing and roaming dogs confined to headquarters without conventional fences or chains.
The new PAC Electronic fence, just introduced in North America, is similar to the "Invisible Fence" system which was featured in a previous issue (Vol. 8, No. 4) of FARM SHOW.
According to importer Ted Wallis, of Bancroft, Ont., the unseen PAC fence consists of 3 basic parts: a thin wire buried about 2 in. in the ground, a small waterproof receiver on the dog's collar and a transmit-ter, which is usually installed in the garage.
The transmitter. sends a radio signal through the buried wire which circles the yard or farmstead area. When the dog comes within a preset distance of the wire (from about 5 to 15 feet) the receiver attached to his collar picks up the radio signal and emits a high pitched beeping noise which warns the dog to step back. If he doesn't move back within a couple seconds, he receives a small shock not enough to hurt but enough to get his attention. The dog continues to get this slight shock until it backs away from the underground fence.
"In contrast to a conventional electric fence, which produces a shock value of 15 to 500 watts, the hidden PAC electronic fence produces a shock value of only .9 watts, or less, causing no more discomfort than using a choke chain collar," says Wallis.
Key to the success of system is proper training (it takes about a week) of the dog. When you first install the system, you set up a string on stakes so the dog can visually see its boundaries and associate them with the warning sound and shock. Once dogs learn where the boundary line is, they won't run through it, explains Wallis.
The basic kit with 100 yards of wire sells for right at $650 (Canadian). Additional electronic collars are $175 each. With extra wire, the enclosed area can be upwards of 5 or more acres.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ted Wallis, CAN-UK Exporting/Importing, Rt. 1, Bancroft, Ont., Canada KOL 1CO (ph 613 332-1366).

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