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Multi-fuel stove burns wood, corn or sawdust
Hottest new development in home heating is the amazing multi-fuel Sedore stove that efficiently burns a dozen or more different fuels, including wood, shelled corn, corn cobs, wheat, barley, sawdust or wood pellets.
"With this stove, you're not locked into one fuel. You can efficiently burn which-ever fuel is most readily available," says Roger Walsh, co-manufacturer with his son Rerlon.
The Canadian-built stove is named after Ernie Sedore, of Mt. Albert, Ont., who during the past decade manufactured and sold about 1,100 stoves, relying primarily on word of mouth advertising, before selling manufacturing rights to Walsh in 1989. At that time, the Sedore stove was designed only for wood or corn cobs.
Walsh spent the next couple years adding a few refinements of his own, including a removeable cast iron hopper which allows the top-loading stove to accommodate a much wider variety of fuels, including corn, barley, wheat and sawdust.
Unlike conventional stoves, which burn from the top down, the Sedore stove burns from the bottom up, explains Walsh. "Air dampers at the bottom, plus a corrugated fire chamber design, supply air to the fire, making it burn extremely hot. As long as the draft is kept open to keep the fire hot, the stove won't produce creosote. It burns environmentally clean with high heating efficiency for up to 15 or more hours on a single loading of wood, shelled corn or other fuel. The fact that there's no firebrick in the stove allows heat to radiate out the stove's sides and into the room instead of being lost up the chimney," says Walsh.
"We don't recommend it but you can burn green, wet wood in the stove if the fire is started with fairly dry wood, allowing the wet wood to dry before it reaches the fire."
Construction is of 10 ga. (1/8-in. thick) steel. A heavy corrugated casting in the back of the fire chamber is 12 in. high, 3/8 in. thick at the top and 5/8 in. thick at the bottom.
"About the only fuel the Sedore can't accommodate is coal," notes Walsh. "For coal you need additional cast liners. We haven't tried it but I'm confident the stove could be rigged to efficiently burn waste oil."
The stove is ULC approved in Canada and is awaiting UL approval in the United States. It's available in 3 sizes: small (heats 1,500 sq. ft.), medium (2,000 sq. ft.) and large (3,000 sq. ft.). They retail for $1,095, $1,195 and $1,325, respectively (Canadian). Add $350 for the optional cast iron insert for burning corn, wheat, barley or sawdust. Multi-fuel Sedore furnaces (hot air or water) also available.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger or Rerlon Walsh, Enviroficient Products, Rt. 2, Utterson, Ont., Canada POB IMO (ph 705 769-3092, or 326 -8887).

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