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Rock Presser, Land Roller
"It's great for pressing rocks into the ground, and as a land roller-packer for newly seeded pastures and other crops," says John Cameron, of Meridith, Vict., who with his son Andrew equipped an older tractor with giant roller rings.

Rings mounted over the rear wheels of the 1965 model Fiat are 3-ft. wide and 4-ft. in dia. "We had them custom-rolled in a local shop. We deflate the tire, slip on the ring, then blow up the tire which fits tight against the rim to hold it in place," explains John. "The tire acts as a shock absorber when the ring goes over large rocks or other obstructions. Rocks up to the size of a brick are pressed completely into the ground."

The front ring is 3-ft. in dia. and 3-ft. wide. On each pass, the rig covers a 9-ft. swath. Field speed is right at 6 mph.

Hydraulic cylinders on each side of the hinged front ring do the steering. The Camerons "beefed up" the tractor's frame with a heavy support beam which runs full length from front to rear.

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