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On-the-Go Tire Inflation
"It pays for itself by reducing wear and tear on tires," says Martin Tigges of Posges & Tigges, manufacturer of a new on-the-go tire inflation system that makes it possible to quickly increase tire pressure for road travel or reduce it in the field to boost traction.
The system consists of a small electric-powered compressor, a control box, and four pressure hoses stored in small plastic tube compartments, one by each tire (two hoses if used on a 2-WD). The control box is preset with an inflation pressure and a deflation pressure so that it takes just seconds to inflate or deflate each tire and then store each coiled hose back in its storage compartment.
"Farmers who travel long distances over the road are looking for a way to prevent wear yet still have the traction they need in the field. This lets you set the tires at the optimum pressure for both the field and the road, rather than somewhere in between. Besides saving money by preventing tire wear, the system also makes the tractor more fuel efficient - less rolling resistance on the road and less slip in the field - so it saves money on fuel," says Tigges.
FARM SHOW first got a look at the tractor-mounted inflation system 4 years ago at the DLG Show when the college engineering student who first came up with the idea was exhibiting his prototype (Vol. 12, No. 1). That original system let you inject air on the go without getting out of the cab by feeding air pressure into a specially-constructed hollow hub that replaced the tractor's original hub. Tigges says that onthe-go system, which allows you to adjust air pressure without stopping, is still avail-able but is much more expensive. "Farmers told us they wanted a more affordable system that would do the same thing. This system can be moved from tractor to tractor -no permanent modification required." Sells for about $1,500 and is already an option on some tractor models, including the Mercedes Benz MB-Trac tractor (pictured).
Contact: PTG Pbsges & Tigges Gmbh, Schlehenweg 30, W-4040 Neuss 1, Germany (ph 02131 120122; fax 02131 130048).

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