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Mini Round Balers
New mini round balers mount on walk-behind power units or garden tractors and make easy-to-handle 50 to 55 lb. round bales.
Developed simultaneously by C.A.E.B. in Alme, Italy, and Wolvo in Suzzara, Italy, the mini balers are designed to work steep mountain slopes and are also ideal for small operators who can't justify the price of a full-size baler.
The C.A.E.B. baler mounts on the front of a small walk-behind tractor and makes 22-in. dia. bales wrapped with nylon netting. Bales come out the back of the fixed chamber baler onto a platform and the operator then pushes them off to the side.
Wolvo mounts it's mini baler on the back of a garden-tractor type power unit with a small powered rake up front. Lets the operator rake cut hay and bale it in one pass.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, C.A.E.B. di Rota & Fantini Snc., Via,Sigismondi 58, 24018 Villa d'Alme (BG) Italy (ph & fax 035 543402) or FARM SHOW Followup, Wolvo Construzioni Machine Agricole, Via Veneto 12a, 46029 Suzzara (MN) Italy (ph 0376 522175; fax 0376 522215).

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