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Handy New Sheller For Hard-Boiled Eggs
"Seeing is believing," says the inventor of Peel 'N Egg, which pops hard-boiled eggs out of their shells.
Raymond Woebbeking, a bus mechanic and former dairy farmer from Glen Flora, Wis., invented the new egg peeler after being challenged to do so by co-workers who got tired of watching him peel lunchbox eggs with greasy hands. Five years and $35,000 later, Woebbeking put his peeler on the market.
"The first version had a steel plate with an inch and a half opening for the egg, and a bellows hooked up to a plastic funnel over the egg. The idea was to build up enough pressure to blow the egg right out of the shell," he recalls. "I knew if I could streamline this thing I could make it."
The Peel `N Egg is now a two-piece, all-plastic device that's easy to clean and even quicker to use. Simply pierce the small end of the egg on the piercer molded to the stand and lightly crush the large end. Place the egg in the center hole, large end down, and set the bellows over it. Depress the bellows sharply and out pops the peeled egg, its shell left in the bellows. When FARM SHOW gave the new kitchen tool a trial run, only slight shell fragments remained on the egg.
"Makes a great gift or conversation piece, but unlike many gadgets, it performs a job. We expect restaurant and commercial food preparers to be big customers," says Woebbeking.
Sells for $5.95 and comes in white, gold, avocado and chocolate. Made from high-impact molded plastic, it measures 5 by 8 in.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Woebbeking, Mfg., Inc., Glen Flora, Wisc. 54526 (ph 715 322-5729).

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