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System 11 add on filter
"Lets you change oil just once a year," says Dick Neff, representative of Econ Systems, Ltd., San Antonio, Tex., manufacturer of the System II add-on oil filter.
"Oil filters on many engines are too small to do an adequate job and they only filter a portion of the oil. This filter gets everything down to 5 microns and absorbs gums, lacquers and trace moisture so thoroughly it can extend engine oil life to 25,000 miles on a car or truck," says Neff, noting that the filter can also be used on any car or farm equipment engine.
The system consists of a full-flow filter that mounts in place of the conventional filter and an oversize bypass filter. To install, you simply replace the drain plug on the oil pan with a return oil fitting and replace the current filter with the spin-on full flow filter. Then, connect the hoses from the drain plug fitting to the by-pass filter and then to the new full-flow filter. The by-pass filter hangs from a nylon sleeve anywhere in the engine compartment.
In operation, the full flow filter filters the constant flow of oil while a small amount of oil is constantly routed to the by-pass filter which more thoroughly filters the oil before returning it to the oil pan.
"It doesn't affect oil pressure. You just add a little more oil to the engine.
Research indicates that continuous use of the filtering system over the life of an engine can reduce wear up to 40% compared to conventional filtering systems," says Neff.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Econ Systems, Ltd., 10843 Vandale, San Antonio, Tex. 78216 (ph toll-free 800 344-5965 or 512 349-6693).

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