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Electric Change-Over Kit for 4000 Series Deere Tractors
"I've used this system on my own tractor for 14 years. It's solved all my electrical problems," says Edmund Kilzer, New Leipzig, N. Dak., who's begun marketing a change-over kit that, he says, improves the wiring which once caused a fire on his tractor.
"There are three electrical systems on the tractor and they're unbalanced in such a way that one battery or the other is always undercharged. This kit makes it charge evenly and grounds the system properly" says Kilzer.
Deere 4000 series tractors start on 24 volts and have a 24-volt generator, but the lights and accessories operate on 12 volts. Lights and accessories on the left side are run by one battery and lights and accessories on the rightside are run by the other. According to Kilzer, because the 24-volt generator charges only one battery at a time, the battery not being charged often runs down.
Kilzer's kit consists of a series-parallel switch, a 12-volt alternator, wiring and ground straps. The series-parallel switch, which wires into the circuit between the two batteries, automatically starts the tractor on 24 volts and then switches back to 12 volts for everything else. Once the wiring kit has been installed, the alternator charges both batteries at once, thanks to the parallel hookup.
Deere offers an aftermarket kit for the tractors that includes circuit breakers designed to improve the wiring system. Kilzer has designed kits to fit both modified and unmodified wiring systems, and has a kit that includes an ammeter and oil meter to replace the warning lights installed as standard equipment on the tractors. The kits range in price
from $349 to $369.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Edmund Kilzer, Prairie Sales, Rt. 1, Box 28, New Leipzig, N. Dak. 58562 (ph 701 824-2434).

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