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Handy Tractor Loader
My tractor loader used to be mounted on an Oliver "77". The tractor had no power steering so, when the bucket was full, it was almost impossible to steer. When clearing snow out of my driveway, there were many times I would have to dump the load and take a smaller bite because the rear wheels did not have enough traction to pull back. And, because the loader was on the tractor, the tractor was also unhandy for other jobs around the farm.
To solve my problem, I took an old 4-wheel drive army truck chassis, replaced the 20-in. wheels with 24-in. IH combine wheels and then reversed the rear axle so it would go forward in the opposite direction. That way, the load isn't on the steering part of the converted truck. I mounted the loader on the truck frame, and coupled the hydraulic pump to the front crankshaft so I would have a live pto. I used a 6-cyl. Chevrolet engine with powerglide transmission coupled to a 4-speed truck transmission that was in turn, coupled to the 2-speed transfer case of the army truck. This gave me all the speed options I need. I then outfitted the loader with a 1948 Jeep cab to give me an all-weather loader.
I have used the machine since 1968 with very few problems. If interested readers will send me a self-addressed stamped envelop, I'll try to answer any questions they may have.
Richard Wolf
Box 325
Wishek, N. Dak. 58495

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