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Powdered Wood Fuel (Harold's Column)
Since Scandinavians have been burning wood for centuries, they tend to be one step ahead when it comes to developing new technologies. Now, from Sweden, comes a radical advancement powdered wood.
Called Ebenol by its inventors, Energibransle AB, the fuel is seen as an answer for central heating because of its low cost and low pollution levels.
Ebenol's raw material is made from wood wastes twigs, tree tops and other leftover materials from forestry operations. Foreign particles heavier than wood such as sand, gravel and metals are separated. Then, the pure wood chips are brought to a hammermill which grinds them down into a fine powder. Drying machines, powered by Ebenol, dry the powder to a predetermined moisture content. It is then stored in silo.
The main advantage of the fuel, say the inventors, is that combustion takes place in the same manner as oil. A free flame, wholly automatic with combustion temperatures of 2,330? to 2,750?F, burns the fuel. To date, the company has dealt only in large-scale commercial and industrial operations. However, a one-family house that uses powdered wood fuel for heating, is under development. It may be in production yet this year. (Excerpted from Wood'n Energy Magazine.)

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