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Electric Bi-Fold Doors For Farm Buildings
Ever thought about equipping your new or existing machinery storage buildings with an electrically operated door that folds in the middle - the same type used on airplane hangars?

One advantage with a Bi-fold is that the open door forms its own outside canopy and takes no inside space, thus eliminating the clearance needed for overhead type doors, explains Randy Kirk, assistant marketing manager for Erect-A-Tube, the first company to design and market electric Bi-fold doors for the farm market. "It's the only wide high clearance door that fits slanted sidewall buildings, giving you full-width use of trapezoidal-shaped endwalls."

A single door can fit openings up to 50 by 16 ft. Installation is fast and easy, requiring no special subframing. The doors are made of welded all-steel construction and rated to withstand the heaviest wind loads, according to Kirk. And, there are no rails or tracks to clog with snow, dirt or ice. Aircraft type steel cables, powered by a 110V 1/2-hp motor, raise the door.

"We've installed 15 Bi-fold doors in farm buildings and they've been virtually trouble-free. Farmers like them," says Edwin Bahler, president of Farm Builder, Inc., Remington, Ind. "We can install a 14 by 41 ft. Bi-fold door, complete with electric worm gear, for the same price as a 14 by 20 ft. overhead door with an electric opener. We believe the Bi-fold will have a longer life than any conventional door on the market."

The top hinge is mounted 2 ft., 6 in. higher than the clear span opening to allow fold-up room at the top.

Retail prices range from about $1500 for a 14 by 12 ft. door (inside opening) to $1800 for a 30 by 12 ft., and about $3200 for a 50 by 14 ft. door. Bi-fold doors 24 ft. wide or less are available 18 ft. high for about $500 extra. Custom built doors in non-standard widths, and doors up to 80 ft. wide and 20 ft. high, are available on special order.

All doors can be sheeted to match, or to contrast with existing buildings.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Erect-A-Tube, Box 409, Harvard, Ill. 60033. (ph. 815 943-4091).

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