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Adjustable Hitch Fits Any Drawpar Pin
A ring-type implement hitch that lets you adjust the drawpin hole size to fit any tractor drawpin was recently introduced by Brian Olson, Power Pin, Inc., Regina, Sask.
The new "Perfect Hitch" bolts onto the implement tongue in place of the original hitch. You change the size of the drawpin hole by simply loosening a bolt and moving a bracket inside the 0-ring hitch forward or back. The hitch contains a polyurethane cushion that absorbs shocks to constantly maintain a tight connection on the drawpin. The hitch is available in four different categories to match the size of the implement.
"It lets you use one drawpin for all equipment hitches," says Olson. "The urethane cushion lets you keep any drawpin snug no matter what tractor or drawpin you use. We also sell a new `hammer strap' that bolts onto the tractor drawbar. It's equipped with a rounded `cup' that matches up with the ring on the Perfect Hitch, creating a self aligning coupling system.
"You don't have to use the hammer strap with the Perfect Hitch. However, we're trying to sell a complete coupling system that can be used on all tractors and implements. There are dozens of hitch designs on equipment today which creates problems for farmers because they often have to work with incompatible designs and use different size drawpins. There's no standard for hitches to attach farm tractors and implements because the big manufacturers have never been able to agree on one design.
"In developing the hammer strap and Perfect Hitch, we got input from the major tractor manufacturers and the North American Standards Associations. We hope the Perfect Hitch will become the standard for implement hitches in North America. We're proposing categories for implement hitches just like there are categories for 3-pt. hitches."
Sells for $60 to $100 depending on category.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Olson, Power Pin, Inc., 3018 Gordon Road, Regina, Sask., Canada S4S 2T8 (ph 306 525-8833).

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