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New Machine Mixes, Washes
"Took me four years to get it perfected," says Gary Collay, inventor of an all-purpose machine for mixing paint, washing parts or for mixing small amounts of concrete or mortar for patching or other small jobs.
Designed primarily for mixing paint, it rolls rather than shakes the can. "Shaker-type mixers don't do a good job of mixing paint in the center of the can," Collay points out. "With rolling, all the paint from end to end is thoroughly and uniformly mixed in 10 or 15 minutes."
The mixer's rollers turn at the rate of 66 rpm's. It's portable and will handle 41-gal. cans, 91-qt. cans or 15-gal. can. The rollers are adjustable and you don't have to take the handles off the cans before setting them on the roller machine for mixing. For washing parts or mixing small amounts of concrete, you simply load one or more empty cans, place them on the rollers and flip the switch. The new machine is available battery operated, or with a 110 volt A.C. motor. Sells for $198. (Larger model for dealer or store use sells for $295.)
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Mixing Machine, c/o Mark Benson, 432 East 12th Street, Hutchison, Kan. 67501 (ph. 316-663-6945).

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