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Double-Duty Auger-Vac
You've never seen anything like this double-duty grain auger that's fitted with both conventional flighting and with a grain vac, making it ideal for cleaning out bins or moving grain out of flat storage.
In many cases it eliminates the need for sweep augers and shoveling of grain by hand, says inventor Glen Haugerud, who runs a grain vac repair business in Craik, Sask.
The 7-in. dia. auger moves 2,000 bu. per hour as a grain auger only or 1,200 bu. per hour as a vacuum only. When the two run at the same time, they'll move up to 3,200 bu. per hour. "The auger has plenty of capacity to handle both the auger and grain vac at the same time because generally, most augers run about half full anyway," notes Haugerud. He installed a grain vac pump on the auger's transport axle, running belts to it from the auger's pto drive. A 4-in. flex hose runs from the vacuum pump up to a manifold that mounts about halfway up the auger. A second, longer 4-in. hose runs from this manifold to a pickup nozzle that can be moved around freely to clean up grain.
In order to drive the vacuum pump off the auger's 540 pto drive, Haugerud split the auger and remounted the upper half below the lower half. Using sprockets and add-on shafts, he can drive both halves of the auger - as well as a pulley that drives the vacuum pump - off a single pto. The split auger arrangement also allows him to drive either the auger or grain vac separately. If a separate drive were rigged up for the grain vac, there would be no need to split the auger, he notes.
Key to success of the auger-vac is the use of a bristle auger on the section of auger positioned beneath the screen between the auger and the vacuum manifold. As it turns, it continually brushes the screen, keeping it from plugging up.
Haugerud has applied for patents in the U.S. and Canada and plans to continue testing his prototype before bringing the double-duty auger to market.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen's Grain Vac Services, Box 444, Craik, Sask. SOG OVO Canada (ph 306 734-2228).

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