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No-Till Disk Seeding System
It looks strange but the inventors of this new "angled" no-till disk seeding system - Hugh Barton and sons Barry and Darryl - say it gives planter-like accuracy to air seeders.
The add-on row units are designed to replace existing field cultivator shanks. They simply bolt in place on the frame and you attach the existing seeder hose. What looks strange about the new-style disc openers is that the single 18-in. dia. disc opener is set at a 23? slant and turned at an 8? angle to the direction of the travel. It opens up about a 1 1/2 in. opening. Seed is dropped through a tube mounted under the disc.
"The trouble with using double disc openers on big air seeders is that you have to add a tremendous amount of weight to penetrate hard ground. Our single disc openers slice through soil and residue. After the air seeder passes, you can hardly tell where it's gone," says Barry Barton, noting that the angled disc openers have also solved one of the worst problems farmers face when trying to no-till into small grain stubble - hairpinning, or the pulling of straw into the seed trench.
Depth control is adjusted individually on each unit with a simple clevis pin, so you can set row units in tractor tracks at different depths to adjust for compaction, unlike most air seeders where you have to set the depth of the entire cultivator frame to one level.
A rubber wheel runs next to the angled disc opener to scrape off dirt and residue. A packing wheel that's angled the opposite way from the opener follows behind. Side draft is prevented by mounting an equal amount of left and right hand units on each rig. Works with any existing seed delivery system. The Bartons plan to add a second, smaller disc (10 in. dia.) to the row units for injecting fertilizer.
They're selling units for $575 a row (Canadian) and are also negotiating with a major manufacturer to produce them.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bar-ton No-Till Disk Opening System, Box 123, Conquest, Sask. SOL OLO Canada (ph 306 856-4608; fax 306 856-2017).

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