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New Non-Corrugated Grain Bin Cuts Costs
A new non-corrugated grain storage bin could reduce the price of on-farm grain storage almost 10%, says the lowan who invented it.
The new grain bin, patented by Dick Holschlag of New Hampton, a farmer and grain bin dealer, has no horizontal corrugations. Vertical supports provide the necessary strength to the otherwise flat bin sheets.
Holschlag says the bin would be cheaper to manufacture and that it would sharply reduce a dealer's bin inventory.
"All sheets are the same dimension," he explains. "Any size bin can be built with the one size sheet. Dealers now stock different size sheets for every different bin size. This new bin will cut inventories by up to 75%, reducing interest costs."
Holschlag says farmers would also get bin orders filled faster because dealers would more likely have the needed sheets on hand.
The bin can be erected quickly by the farmer himself, says Holschlag. If the price of a 27-ft. by 20-ft. (10,000-bu.) standard bin, not erected, were $4,400, the Holschlag bins would cost $3,800, he estimates.
"This bin is stronger than corrugated bins because vertical supports provide more support than horizontal corrugations," he says. "A big advantage is the smooth sides. Inside the bin, the walls are completely smooth, which causes less wear on the bin sides, lengthening life of the bin and reducing damage to grain."
He built his 20-ft. high prototype bin one sheet at a time using a break and a punch press. The sheets are 5 ft. by 3 ft., 3 in. and there are 40 sheets in each ring, making a 27-ft. dia. bin. The side of each sheet is bent into a vertical "stiffener". The unbent side of each sheet fits into the stiffener on the next sheet and is bolted to it. Holschlag used 18 ga. steel on the bottom two rings, 20 ga. on the top two rings, and installed a conventional Chief roof.
"I used heavier steel than was necessary on this prototype and bolted it more than was necessary. Once the bin has been more precisely engineered, it will be extremely easy for farmers to erect their own bin," he says.
The bin can accommodate all optional bin equipment such as fans, perforated floor, or stirring machine, says Holschlag, who is looking for a manufacturer.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Holschlag, Holschlag Bin Sales, New Hampton, Iowa 50659 (ph 515 394-3057).

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