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Tilt up 3 pt blade
"You've never seen a 3-pt. mounted utility blade that can do so many jobs," says Oklahoman Vernon "Buck" Buchanan, of Pawnee, who says his new patented hydraulically-powered "tilt blade" can be used to shape roads, driveways, gullies, and even terraces and pond dams.
"This blade offers more blade positions, ground clearance, and earth moving capacity than any other 3-pt. blade on the market," says Buchanan, a farmer and contractor who originally designed the patent pending blade to build oilfield roads. "Farmers can't believe the quality and quantity of work it does. The exclusive top link feature lets you lift the blade 30 in. high, making room for a 28-in. high blade that moves more dirt than standard 18-in. high blades. It lets you tilt the blade at a steep vertical angle that's handy for reshaping the sides of pond dams, terraces, gullies, etc. as well as for digging ditches. The blade can be pivoted 45? from side to side and by retracting a cylinder you can use it to push dirt and cut at an angle while you drive in reverse."
A 4-in. cylinder mounted crossways behind the 3-pt. hitch tilts the blade up or down for digging ditches. The other three cylinders, which raise the blade and move either side forward or back, rotate with the blade's large, cylindrical support boom when the blade tilts.
"You can almost stand the blade up on its end. When the blade is in this position you can ridge dirt at steep angles. I've used the blade to slope and reshape gullies 5 ft. deep and 10 ft. wide, and to rechannel quarter mile long terraces in three hours. You can also dig deep, narrow ditches for gas or water lines or irrigation furrows. It takes about three passes to dig a 3-ft. deep, 3 ft. wide furrow," says Buchanan.
"By retracting a cylinder, you can cut and push dirt while driving backward This works great for building diversion terraces, spill-ways or pond dams where you don't have enough room to pull dirt," says Buchanan. "The blade's extra ground clearance lets you push dirt up to a pond clam or terrace without digging the blade too far into the dirt."
The blade, available in widths of 8 and 12 ft., requires three hydraulic outlets. A diverter or splitter valve is provided for tractors equipped with dual hydraulic out-lets.
The 8-ft. model sells for $3,200 and the 12-ft. model sells for $3,770.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vernon Buchanan, Buck Built Blades, Rt. 3, Box 145, Pawnee, Okla. 74058 (ph 918 762-3421).

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