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Easy Way To Sort Pigs
"For years we've been telling pig farmers how to build these Pig Sorters. Because of their popularity, we're now building and selling them ourselves," says Don Casey, manager for Port-A-Hut, Storm Lake, Iowa.
"Using the Pig Sorter, you can quickly separate sows from baby pigs any time you need to vaccinate, etc. The sows simply walk over the Pig Sorter platform while the baby pigs go under the plaform to a separate pen," explains Casey.
The Pig Sorter has a 3 by 4-ft. angle iron platform frame. You use 3 pieces of your own 2 by 12-in. lumber to make the platform floor. The two side rails are 4-ft. high and made of 1?-in. dia. round tubing. Side rails bolt to the platform's frame allowing 1-ft. underneath the plat-form for baby pigs to run through.
One of the unit's two bottom partitions is movable so you can direct baby pigs to either side.
Sells for $75.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Port-A-Hut, 14 Peterson Dr., Storm Lake, Iowa 50588 (ph 712 732-2546).

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