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Wet Feeder Exercises The Sow
"It's the only wet feeder on the market that exercises the sow," says Charles O'Kelly, inventor-manufacturer of what he calls the "Sow Slopper" replacement feeder for farrowing crates.
The sow has to reach up about 2 ft. to nose a horizontal pipe at the bottom of the 20 lb. capacity feed hopper. "She noses down only as much dry feed as she'll clean up at each feeding," says O'Kelly. "There's no feed waste and no wet feed left to spoil in hot weather. What's more, one feeder fits all size sows without having to do any adjusting whatsoever on the feeding mechanism."
When she's nosed down dry feed, the sow nudges a push button valve at the bottom to wet the feed to her liking. "Each sow is different. Some mix up a thin slop, others a thick slop," says O'Kelly. He feels the wet feeder increases a sow's feed consumption "at least 10 to 15%. Users report virtually no problems with constipation. Sows stay in better condition, breed back faster and produce more milk. Small pigs will start to nibble at the feeder at about two weeks of age."
Made of stainless steel, the Sow Slopper fits all standard crates.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, O'Kelly Mfg., Shelbyville, Ill. 62565 (ph 217 774-4810).

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